Monday, July 24, 2023

I am starting to work on the new AADR file

 I am starting to work on the new AADR (Reich lab) file were new labels are given to ancient samples in general and Armenian one in particular.

This is important because it will also affect the G25 labels in Davidski's files.
After making sense of this I plan to propose labels for G25. But prior that some errors should be corrected. For instance there is a Beniamin LBS which is wrong it might be Beniamin LBA. If You notice similar errors please write in comments.
A notable change is the removal of Urartian label for Etiuni samples except Karmir Blur which was a Urartian city since 680. So they understand that calling them Urartian is confusing. They are now labeled as IA.
A term Urartian Empire is added which was proposed by Zimansky and others. This is also due to genetic findings. Because it's clear that different tribes were living under the umbrella of Urartu.
Some labels are a mess for Beniamin. They should be simplified. I hope they will do that. Terms like Orontid, Artaxiad, Arshakid, Marzpanate period will help for better understanding.
In total 213 ancient DNA (with 4 duplicates). While 3 others are also available but not present in this list.
PS The G25 labels are not yet syncronised. It seems the number of G25 decreased by a dozen in Davidski's list. So keep Your old files they can be useful later for finding some coordinates.

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