Monday, December 27, 2021

This map is created by the Ancestralwhispers website

 This map is created by the Ancestralwhispers website. It represents the situation in 1200 bc. During the late bronze age crisis.

It has some disputable parts but it has the merit to combine numerous pieces of information like the ancient records, the archaeology and probably some genetics.

At last they tried to move in right direction.

Now the disputable parts 

Diaukhi was larger than it is presented. 

Hayasa-Azzi was located in more Eastern region according Forlanini's analysis. Given that it is attested in LBA (before 1200bc) while Dayene/Diaukhi is known from Assyrian sources and later it is quite possible that those polities were overlapping geographically or were even the same polity. 

Zan tribes separated from Georgians (Kartli ) after 700 bc. So before that we can't speak about distinct Zan rather the correct term would be a Zan-Kartli continuum.

The linking of Nakh with Koban culture can be disputed. But it must be noted that this idea is popular among some Russian scholars. In most likelihood we will see a mix situation there.

Other remarks for better understanding.

The Lchashen and Khojaly Gadabay cultures are merged into a single horizon. And Etiuni is mentioned. Also a new term is coined Eastern Biainili.

Also note that after 1200 bc historic Armenia became more homogenous due to the spread of grooved ware. Though the previous structure didn't disappear.

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