Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The history of J2-M67.

M67 is the most popular type of J2 among Armenians so lets understand it's origin.

M67 is 12.000-year-old and has three different subclades each of them has a different distribution.

1/ Y4036 and Z467 is a large, diffused branch found in Europe and West Asia. It rare in Caucasus. It is particularly frequent among Armenians also. It was found in many sites of Bronze Age Anatolia, some of them in possible Hittite layers. Genome wide they were shifted to East. It was also found in Italian Neolithic which is very surprising because in the rest of Neolithic Europe it was absent. This probably means different origin of Cardial ware Italian Neolithic. In ancient Armenia it was found from Beniamin.

2.a/ Z500>M92 This is the most frequent type of M67 among Armenians. It is not frequent among Caucasians. Except in Pontic region and parts of southwestern Georgia. We have few aDNA with M92 but judging its structure and age it's expected to be a Kur-Araxian marker. The presence of M92 in Kura-Araxes site in eastern Georgia (Doghlauri) support this theory. It was found in Bronze Age Levant and medieval Sudan.  In ancient Armenia we have M92 from a site near the village Shnogh (Lori).

2.b/ Z500>Y6240   This branch was found in Bronze Age Crete. In Arslan Tepe and Alalakh. Another young Iron Age branch (Z28602, 2800-year-old) is found predominantly in eastern Pontic region in Hamshen Armenians. 

3.a/ Z7671>CTS900 Is found predominantly among Caucasian people. Reaching the highest levels in the world among Nakh people (the Y3640). This peak is a result of young founder effect related to the breakup of proto Nakh community. It was found in Eneolithic Meshoko-Darkveti culture in Maykop culture which succeeded it. It migrated there from south which is confirmed by their autosomes. It was also found in LBA Hungary. Most probably it reached there via Steppe. This branch is present in Armenia with its own subclades.

3.b/ Z7671>V2639 This subbranch was found in Bronze Age Crete. It is also present in Nakh people which speaks in favor of its Chaff faced ware origin.

Conclusion. The M67 homeland was in historic Armenia. More precisely in its western / northwestern part. Z467 migrated to West. CTS900 migrated to North, the M92 expanded in Bronze Age most probably with Kura-Araxes culture.

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