Tuesday, February 25, 2020

This important paper of Kossian

This important paper of Kossian is now available online. He says what I am advocating many years based on genetic data. 
The Mushk attested in Assyrian texts in Early Iron Age were not migrants from Balkanes but migrants from Armenian Highlands/East Anatolia/ , South Caucasus. Their deep origins must be in Trialeti Vanadzor culture and LBA Transcaucasia (today Lchashen Metsamor is used) . 
From genetic point of view I2c2 must be their haplotype. Also it is possible that R1b L277 and maybe few cases of E-V13 were introduced to Armenia by them in Middle Late Bronze Age via Caucasus. Then later in EIA they expanded toward west Malatya Kharberd regions. Also, some groups affiliated to them moved to Urmia region in NW Iran. 

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