Sunday, August 1, 2021

Ancient DNA of Illyrian people Dauni.

 Ancient DNA of Illyrian people Dauni. Results were easily predictable. Notice we have similar results from modern Armenia LBA/IA ( R1b, I2c2, J2b2a and others ) But the most interesting thing is the etymology of tribe Dauni. 

This is just another argument that the name Diau, Tao known later as Tayk is in most likelihood derived from the term wolf. The same word is attested in Phrygian also. Also there are strong reasons to believe that the old name of Dacians was Dao.

It's an IE term, having IE etymology. Jahukyan made a strong case for paleobalkanic presence in that region. The term Diau could be another such a term.

Later Iranians used the same term wolf to denote Georgia. But in their language offcourse. 


The ethnonym is connected to the name of the wolf, plausibly the totemic animal of this nation. The cult of the wolf was widespread in ancient Italy and was related to the Arcadian mystery cult. Daunos means wolf, according to ancient glosses, and is the correspondent of Greek transl. grc – transl. thaunos ("thērion" Hesychius of Alexandria), from an Indo-European root *dhau- to strangle, meaning literally strangler. Among the Daunian towns one may mention Lucera (Leucaria) and among other nations the ethnonym of the Lucani (Loucanoi) and that of the Hirpini, from another word meaning wolf. The outcome of the Proto-Indo-European voiced aspirate dh is proper of the Illyrian languages and so is different from the corresponding Latin faunus and Oscan, which is not attested.

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