Tuesday, April 19, 2022

A new important aDNA paper from Xinjiang region in NW of China

 A new important aDNA paper from Xinjiang region in NW of China. The paper is behind a paywall. But some data is still available.

In Bronze Age we see mass influx of Afanasievo ( Yamna related ) ancestry. Those people create the MLBA Chemurchek culture which was linked to Tocharians by some scholars. The majority of Chemurchek people were R1b-Z2103. Also few cases of Q and one R1a from a basal branch.

Later in Iron Age ( after 700bc) we see a new wave. This time mostly R1a-Z93 with some BMAC haplogroups (J,L,E,G2).

They introduce Andronovo and BMAC ancestry which was typical to ancient Iranians. The authors link it with Saka ,Khoranese Iranian speakers and also Wusun confederation attested in Chinese records.

Later in Historic Era we see apparition of East Asian ancestry (represented by Xiongnu ) related to Huns and Turkic tribes.

In conclusion we see another strong piece of evidence that the apparition of R1b-Z2103 and R1a-Z93 and some other affiliated HGs is related to IE migrations. This obviously is helping us to better understand the formation of Armenian nation.


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