Sunday, January 22, 2023

A new large paper about ancient Greece

 A new large paper about ancient Greece. It confirms what was already known from previous papers.

After the Neolithic period Greece had two migrations.
+ The first around 4000-3500bc from East, from Anatolia. Y DNA found from those periods are more specific to regions further East than Anatolia, close to historic Armenia.
This Eastern shift was uneven. It is well represented in Crete where Minoan civilization flourished.
+ The second migration occured in Middle Bronze Age from North. Around 2300BC. You can see a strong shift on the PCA. Especially in sites like Logkas and Theopetra. In LBA and IA the Mycenaean and Classic Greek genetic profile formed with some Steppe ancestry.
PS. It's remarkable that J1-P58 was found in Minoan Crete civilization. Which is another strong argument that this branch which is popular in Arabian peninsula today had initially a more northern origin. Somewhere in Northern Mesopotamia.
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