Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Neolithic farmers of West Asia

 Neolithic farmers of West Asia. As You can see South Caucasian farmers are in the middle of CHG and Anatolian farmers. Hence the reason to call them Central farmers. They were predominantly J2. Also one case of H2 from Georgia.

Mardin and Nemrik farmers are in the same position but slightly southern shifted. In this context it means on the right side. But overall they share a lot of ancestry with each other.
Most interesting questions that are waiting their answers are those.
+Why West Asia had a such two divergent groups?
+Why it's specifically the central type that expanded a lot, inside West Asia?
+To whom was close the original population of West Asia? Those who lived 40-30 thousands years ago before the LGM.
The source Lazaridis 2022

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