Friday, July 15, 2022

The initial location of Dayenu according Bryce.

 The initial location of Dayenu according Bryce. It was definitely more southern in 12th century BC Assyrian records. It could be also slightly more western initially. Dayenu was the most prominent kingdom in Nairi tribal federation. It's king Seni was the leader of the anti-Assyrian Nairian coalition. He was captured after the defeat. It seems after those events Dayenu moved further north were they are attested in Urartian period as Diaukhi.

Urartians conquered it and incorporated in their state.
In both cases the root is the Daye/Diaue. Later attested as Tao/Tay-k'
According Aylin.Erdem groove ware which had similarities but also regional varieties correspond to Dayenu/Diaukhi also. That's looks plausible.
The main unknown about Dayenu was it a new Early Iron Age kingdom or it was a new name of an pre-existing LBA kingdom attested in Hittite sources. Probably archaeology will help better understand this issue.

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