Saturday, February 27, 2021

Political map of Near East ~800-700bc

 Political map of Near East ~800-700bc.

I added some names inside Urartu and Mazhaca.

Luwian kingdoms. Some names are familiar to us. Hilakku will become Cilicia later. Kummuh -> Commagene. Luwians were present in North of Halys river also. Further north there were Kashkian tribes.

According Armenian tradition Mazhaca was build by Mishak. Who is usually linked with Mushki. 

In 695bc Cimmerians will defeat Phrygians.

Later Lydia will become the most important power in Anatolia and in 615bc they finally vanquished Cimmerians.

Around 640bc unrest and destructions in Urartu. Emergence of new Erwanduni dinasty in Armenia.

At 630 bc a series of civil conflicts starts in Assyria. At 612bc Medes-Babylon alliance capture the capital of Assyria Nineveh. Assyrian empire falls.

Just a century later all this polities will become satraps of Achemenid empire.

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