Monday, August 8, 2022


 Pulpulaks are water fountains ( sources ) where anyone can drink a water for free. They became very popular in Armenia in recent times, and You can find them in many places. The word has no particular etymology. It is derived from the water sound. Other related words with probably same root are the pulik and pulpul. The latter is a water jar with a long neck while the first is a small pot for various liquids. They are rarely used today.

Now the remarkable thing is that there was a river Pulpullia near Nineveh in ancient Assyria. Chances are quite high that this river name is an onomatopoeia ( sound word ) given that the river name is mentioned in the context of building a water canal for Nineveh from neighbouring springs. This also mean that this sound word has probably quite deep roots in our region in general and in Armenia particularly.
"(I am) Sennacherib, king of the world, king of Assyria. For a long distance, adding to it the water of the two Ḫazur Rivers, the water of the river Pulpullia, the water of the town Ḫanusa, the water of the town Gammagara, (and) the water of the mountain springs to the right and left at its sides, I had a canal dug to the meadows of Nineveh. Over deep-cut wadis, I had a bridge of white stone blocks made, (and) those waters I caused to pass over it,” reads the inscription.
PS Notice the link below discuss the search for Gaugamela in ancient texts.

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