Monday, August 22, 2022

We have already seen a genetic shift during the Urartian period in modern Armenia.

We have already seen a genetic shift during the Urartian period in modern Armenia. I predicted that similar shifts occured in other parts of historic Armenia and neighboring regions were Urartu had a control. Here an example from North West Iran. We have two samples from Early Iron Age period preceding Urartu. They are from south of lake Urmia. Hasanlu Tepe and Hajji Firuz tepe. We don't have any sample that comes after Urartu that is why I used modern Armenian and Kurdish samples as close as possible to south Urmia.
The results shows that pre-Urartian samples from lake Urmia bassein have high level of Iran Neo. Higher than they did have in Chalcolithic period. This increase in most likelihood occured during LBA/EIA period. It could be the result of migrations from East.
They also have Steppe ancestry which was absent in Chalcolithic period. Steppe ancestry came in Middle Bronze Age, after 2400bc.
Armenians have much lower Iran Neo, and higher Central farmer. We can assume that Armenian like samples would appear in that region during/after the Urartian period. Later Armenians mostly inhabited western and northern parts of lake Urmia known as Nor Shirakan. (Pasrkahayk')
We also notice that modern Kurds are similar to EIA samples. In Iron Age various polities are attested there. The most important was the Mana. But also Gilzanu in west of Urmia and Uishdis in east.
In Greek period this region was known as Matiene/Mantiene. Unfortunately not much is known about their ethnic affiliation.

Հնարավոր է սա text that says 'Target Distance IRN_Hajji_Firuz_C 0.01768482 IRN_Hajji_Firuz_IA 66.6 AZE_LN farmer GEO_CHG CHG Han IRN_Zagros_N _evant_PPNB TUR_Anatolia-South_N Yamnaya_RUS_Samara -South_N Samara RUS 19.4 6.6 6.4 0.0 1.0 0.03486419 0.0 IRN_Hasanlu_IA 40.4 0.0 0.02772299 1.0 28.4 Armenian_Gharadagh 40.0 5.6 0.0 10.0 0.02481255 0.0 14.6 Armenian 25.8 63.0 13.8 3.6 0.01979038 6.0 0.0 14.4 4.4 Armenian_Syunik 1.0 73.2 0.0 0.02113635 12.6 0.0 15.4 Kurdish 6.2 69.0 4.0 0.0 7.8 0.01769793 0.2 8.8 7.0 Average 0.6 39.8 10.6 0.02338703 0.0 1.2 12.6 RESET SORTING 23.4 8.0 56.0 0.7 12.2 0.3 15.4 COPY TABLE AS CSV 16.4 5.7 9.4 11.6 COPY TABLE AS TSV' նկարն է

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