Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The same BA model for Armenians and Assyrian

 The same BA model for Armenians and Assyrian. Fits are quite good.

Well it seems Armenians and Vannic Urartians are structurally similar. With some different emphasizes related to the fact that Vannics have extra ancestry from North Zagros. ( Dinkha + Sirnak )
All Armenians including Urfa ones have fair amount of TVC ancestry. 21-37%
TVC are the so called "back returners" from Yamna whom Lazaridis is inclined to link with those who introduced Proto Armenian IE vocabulary.
Arslantepe type of ancestry is also quite popular. This might be related to Luwians.
Ironically modern Armenians have slightly more Kur-Araxian ancestry than Vannic Urartians which further decrease the probability of HU speakers from KA.
Hamshen Armenians are different. Due to strong CHG shift. All other Armenians are structurally similar.
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