Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Distance from Armenia Neolithic average based on two samples

 Distance from Armenia Neolithic average based on two samples. The first map dmax=0.3 the second map dmax=0.15

Also a PCA with Neolithic samples around historic Armenia. As You can see Nemrik from North Iraq is in the middle of Anatolia/Levant farmers and Iran /Zagros Neolithic. Armenian Neolithic would be on top of Nemrik. That is the reason we use the term Central farmers who plot in the middle of Eastern and Western farmers. Hajji Firuz Chl from NW Iran is also related to this group.
PS You can see an affinity between modern Italians and Arm_Neolithic. That occured mostly in post Neolithic period. Occasionally in commercial DNA testing sites Armenians score false Italian ancestry. It is due to this affinity.

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