Friday, November 11, 2022

Greece DNA by periods.

 Greece DNA by periods.

Neolithic is the same as in all Europe and Anatolia.
There is no Chalcolithic period in Greek classification. That period is labeled as Final Neolithic.
Then comes EBA with an eastern shift. More pronounced in Cycladic islands. Minoans from Crete are similar to this EBA period. Minoans do not have Steppe ancestry ( except one site with low coverage samples which is doubtful ) The most frequent Y dna is the J2-M319.
In MBA there is strong increase of Steppe ancestry. In Koptekin's dissertation there were samples from MBA period Theopetra , Sarakinos. (third image) Both showed high level of Steppe ancestry. And Y dna most likelihood the P78 branch which was also found near Izmir MBA.
In LBA which is also known as Mycenaean Greek period there is a dilution of Steppe ancestry. R1b-M269 was found in this period. This pattern of dilution is similar to what happened in modern RoA in Iron Age.
I leave the interpretations to You.

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