Friday, June 12, 2015

Bronze Age Armenian ancient DNA - Allentoft 2015

Bronze Age Armenia uniparental data.
Sample Name Site Culture 14C Date BP cal BC low yDNA mtDNA
RISE396 Kapan LBA 1192 BC 937 BC
RISE397 Kapan LBA 1048 BC 855 BC R1b1a2a2 T1a2
RISE407 Norabak LBA 1115 BC 895 BC
RISE408 Norabak LBA 1209 BC 1009 BC J2b-Z580 I5c
RISE412 Noratus LBA 1193 BC 945 BC
RISE413 Nerquin Getashen MBA 1906 BC 1698 BC R1b-P297 T2c1f
RISE416 Nerquin Getashen MBA 1643 BC 1445 BC E-M84 K1a17a
RISE423 Nerquin Getashen MBA 1402 BC 1211 BC E-M84 T2a

Probable descendants of RISE397_Kapan_LBA_Armenia

Modern distribution of R1b-M269

The tree of R1b Hg
The PCA from Allentoft et al. zoomed