Friday, November 11, 2016

Y DNA from ancient Near East

In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for samples from the ancient Near East.
Sample  Region   Culture      Haplogroup
I1632   Armenia  Copper Age   L1a1-M27*                  calls
I1635   Armenia  Kura-Araxes  R1b1a1b-CTS3187            calls
I1293   Iran     Mesolithic   J2a-CTS1085                calls
I1945   Iran     Neolithic    R2a-Y3399                  calls
I1949   Iran     Neolithic    pre-R2-M479                calls
I1671   Iran     Neolithic    G2a1a-FGC602(xG2a1a1)      calls
I1662   Iran     Copper Age   J2a-PF5008(xL581)          calls
I1674   Iran     Copper Age   G1a1b-GG372                calls
I1069   Levant   Natufian     E1b1b1-PF1871(xE1b1b1b1)   calls
I1685   Levant   Natufian     E1b1b-CTS10365             calls
I1690   Levant   Natufian     E1b1b-CTS4345              calls
I1414   Levant   PPNB         E1b1b1b2-CTS11781          calls
I1415   Levant   PPNB         E1b1b1b2a1-Y4974           calls
I1416   Levant   PPNB         CT(xH, I, J, K)            calls
I1707   Levant   PPNB         T1-PF5610(xT1a1, T1a2)     calls
I1710   Levant   PPNB         E1b1b1a1-CTS675            calls
I1727   Levant   PPNB         F(xG, J, LT, K2)           calls
I1700   Levant   PPNC         H2-P96                     calls
I1705   Levant   Bronze Age   J1a2b-Z2324                calls
I1730   Levant   Bronze Age   J2b1-PF7314                calls
 In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for ancient DNA samples from the Zagros Mountains of Iran.
Sample  Period           Date BC    Haplogroup
AH2     Early Neolithic  8205–7756  J2b-M12*                calls
WC1     Early Neolithic  7455–7082  G2b2a-Z8022             calls
F38     Early Iron Age   971–832    R1b1a1a2a2a-Y:24376846  calls
 In the table below are links to Y-SNP calls for Neolithic samples from central Asia Minor. Kilinc et al. 2016
Sample  Period                 Date BC    Haplogroup
Bon004  Pre-Pottery Neolithic  > 8300     G2a2b2b-F705      calls
Bon001  Pre-Pottery Neolithic  8212–7952  G2a2b2b1a-PF3422  calls
Tep001  Pottery Neolithic      7500–5800  G, J2, or R1b     calls
Tep006  Pottery Neolithic      7500–5800  C1a2-Y10446       calls
Tep003  Pottery Neolithic      7500–5800  G2a2a-PF3159*     calls
SampleGenome CoveragemtDNA CoverageRead Length (Mean)mtDNA HaplogroupGenetic Sex