Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Late Chalcolithic 4500-3600 BC in Armenia and around.

 Late Chalcolithic 4500-3600 BC in Armenia and around.

Chaff faced ware period. Also known as Leyla tepe in South Caucasus. 

Possible origins somewhere in the southern part of historic Armenia close to North Mesopotamia.

Remarkable features. Jar burials. Rectangular houses. Textile. Use of wool. Pot wheel. Advanced metal knowledge. Wine making 

Haplogroups L1a1 in Areni. G1 in SE Azerbaijan. 

Played an important role in the genesis of Maykop. Other haplotypes from Maykop of possible CFW origin. L2, T1a3, J2b2a-L283 ( prominent in Europe today) .

Other possible haplotypes E-V22, E-M84 ( found in Arslantepe LC) from N Mesopotamia , R1b V1636. CFW was present in Arslantepe also but I don't have access to supplements to know what was those Arslantepe samples archaeologic context.

One unsolved puzzle of CFW is the presence of Kurganic burials. Origins of those Kurganic burials are disputed. Some commentators link them with IE people. 

CFW was replaced by Kur Araxians who came from Northern parts of historic Armenia.

PS Notice not all arrows represent migrations.

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