Sunday, January 15, 2023

New Neolithic samples from Mentesh-tepe in Azerbaijan are on the road.

 New Neolithic samples from Mentesh-tepe in Azerbaijan are on the road. The paper is not published yet.

Their Y dna is J2b2b relatively close to those found in Hajji Firuz Chl in Iran.
This is a yet another indirect evidence that J2b2 moved from South Caucasus to Steppe. And with Yamna people reached western Balkans where it expanded in Bronze Age.
We have already one sample from Mentesh-tepe.
Genome-wide data for 3 neolithic individuals from Mentesh-Tepe, Azerbaidjan
The South Caucasus is at the outskirt of the Fertile Crescent, one the main centers of Neolithization. Despite this localization, Neolithic developed here only at the beginning of the 6 th millennium, and its origins remains unclear. Here we present genomic data for three new individuals from Mentesh Tepe in Azerbaijan dating back to the beginning of the Shomu-Shulaveri culture. Mentesh Tepe Neolithic population is the product of a recent gene-flow between Anatolian farmer-related population, and Caucasus/Iranian population, demonstrating that population admixture was at the core of the development of agriculture in the South-Caucasus. During the Bronze Age, new gene flows between Pontic Steppe populations and Mentesh Tepe related groups contributed to the make-up of Kura-Araxes and modern Caucasian populations. Genetic analyzes of the Mentesh Tepe Shomu-Shulaveri inhabitants also provide evidence that the two juveniles buried embracing each other were brothers.

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