Saturday, August 26, 2023

A new paper about the origin of Armenians

 A new paper about the origin of Armenians in the light of recent archaeogenetic data. The authors are Armen Petrosyan and me. It is published by the Institute of archaeology and ethnography in a collection of conference papers dedicated to migration processes in Armenian Highlands since to old times to 20th century. The chief editor is Yervand Grekyan, thanks to whom we have a well presented paper.

The paper is in Armenian and if I am not wrong it is one of the first attempts to present to Armenian audience the available genetic data from the Lazaridis 2022 paper about the Southern Arc. The most recent publications of 2023 are not discussed given that this paper was written four months earlier.
The English version will be available in the future. Old members of our group already know about the content of this paper. We discussed them many times. But still it can be useful to read it once more.

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