Monday, August 29, 2022

This IE tree is called Anthony-Ringe model

 This IE tree is called Anthony-Ringe model. It is from David Anthony's famous book. This tree is based on linguistic evidence. Each time when western Academy speaks about the origin of any nation he means in the first place the affiliation of that language. Not race, not genetics, not culture or dresses or skull shapes. They mean the _language_. And the language without loanwords.The native vocabulary. According Jahukyan Armenian has 1500 native words. So only those words matter.

All languages are grouped in families. Unless they are isolates. Armenian is not considered an isolate. No one has doubt that it is an IE language. And You will not find a scholar who thinks that it stems from Anatolian languages. Many believe that it is related to Greek. That's why they believed until now that Armenians came from Balkans. Some believe that Armenian is branch of it's own between Greek and Aryan. But them also do not link it to Anatolians.
This means that even Anatolians formed in Highlands then Armenian still must have common connection with others IE languages. Currently there is one way to link Armenian language core vocabulary with other Late IE branches. It is via the Yamna. There is no other solution. That is why Lazaridis wrote that Armenian is from Yamna.
But if You don't agree with this idea then I would like to hear Your opinion. How You solve this dilemma.

Հնարավոր է սա text that says '4500 Bce Archaic PIE 4000 Bce Early PIE3700-3300 Bce Late PIE 3000 Bce Anatolian Tocharian Celtic Italic Amenian (Dialect continuum) Greek 3b Indo-Iranian Germanic Balto-Slavic' նկարն է
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