Saturday, August 27, 2022

We have an ancient Assyrian (East Semitic) sample from north Iraq.

 We have an ancient Assyrian (East Semitic) sample from north Iraq. He is dated to Shalmaneser I period. It has no Steppe and has a shift toward Levant. Something expected for a Semitic person. His Y dna also points toward Semitic background J1. We discussed a lot here modern Assyrian (West Semitic) gene pool. It is quite obvious now that they acquired significant ancestry from neighbouring Indo Europeans later than Assyrian empire existed.

Հնարավոր է սա text that says 'Central Asia only in the first millennium. Finally, a single individual from the Late Bronze Age of Assyrian Northern Mesopotamia (~1250 Bce) resembled the Urartian Van in- dividuals in lacking Eastern European hunter- gatherer ancestry, had the highest amount of Levantine autosomal ancestry (42.8 土 5.3%), and had a J-P58 J-P58-derived Y chromosome with strong Levantine geographical associations (1) and may have plausibly been a speaker of a Semitic language, such as those that have been spoken and recorded in the region for' նկարն է
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