Sunday, September 4, 2022

Can all modern Armenian ancestry derive just from one Iron Age population inside Armenia?

 Can all modern Armenian ancestry derive just from one Iron Age population inside Armenia? No. Should it be the case Armenian Y dna structure would be very drifted. With young clusters that erased everything else that preceded them. But there is no such a thing in Armenian Y dna structure. Quite contrary it is one of the most diverse in West Asia. Even more diverse than in Caucasians who have very drifted bottlenecked Y dna.

Here an update of an model that I used in this group. Back then it became evident that Van region DNA will be very important. Indeed it is the case. Urartu played an important role in the creation of the current Armenian genetics.
But as we can see other Iron Age populations from modern RoA and Tsopk and around region are also present in fair amount..
The same is even more true for ancient Hellenistic and Medieval Armenians.
After Beniamin DNA it became clear that understanding Urartu is very important. And now it's even more evident.
But one thing should be kept in mind. If Vannic region is at the origin of ancient Grabar then Etiuni will become simply a sister extinct language of that Vannic Proto Armenian. They can't be unrelated.
PS Notice there are no IA samples from Malatya region so I used EBA period samples.
PPS Aintab results are in most likelihood an artefact. Not definitive.

Հնարավոր է սա text that says 'Target Distance Armenian 0.01016976 _ΕΙΑ Sarukhan Hasanlu_ Arslantepe TUR_E_Van_Urartian EBA _Van_Urartian ARM IRN TUR_ 22.2 51.6 Armenian_Aintab 21.0 5.2 0.01192882 Armenian_Erzurum 16.0 15.8 0.01126545 47.4 Armenian_Gesaria 20.8 20.6 0.0 0.01093373 20.4 Armenian_ Syunik 59.0 24.0 0.0 0.01102667 22.2 Armenian_Urfa 53.8 34.0 0.8 0.00910464 7.8 57.4 ARM_Sarukhan_Anc 6.4 15.4 0.02044270 35.0 43.2 ARM_Agarak_Mdv 25.4 22.6 0.01375924 22.0 30.0 ARM_Aghitu_Anc 41.6 5.0 0.01832717 16.4 Average 37.0 32.6 0.0 0.01299535 0.0 67.4 RESET SORTING 24.6 7.2 21.5 46.7 COPY TABLE AS CSV COPY TABLE AS TSV' նկարն է
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